How It Works

Group 183

Try-It-Buy-It programme is a 12-month weekly payment equipment lease programme that offers hospitality owners quality kitchen equipment with zero upfront costslifetime warranty* and free servicing.

At any time within the first 12 months, you can:

    • Upgrade the equipment; or
    • Purchase the equipment and receive a 75% rental rebate (excluding GST).

At the end of your 12 month agreement, you can:

    • Renew the contract to rent at 25% lower weekly payments and receive free bulbs and gaskets replacement and eventually purchase the equipment at a 25% lower price while still receiving a 75% net rental rebate from the renewal contract; or
    • Return equipment with no further obligations**.

*Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects applies to all equipment under our Try-It-Buy-It programme, as long as you have a valid contract with us during the time of repair. We reserve the right to terminate the contract without liability or compensation before the lease expiration date, in the event that our technicians deem the equipment to be beyond economical repair. You can then opt to sign a fresh contract for a new or used replacement unit at prevailing Try-It-Buy-It rates and be entitled to the same lifetime warranty.

**Cleaning, servicing and transportation costs may apply.



Group 174

All businesses registered with ACRA, including sole proprietorships, partnerships and companies.

No minimum period of active operations
(start-ups are eligible)

At least 1 Director who is a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident (pink or blue IC)

No financial statements necessary! Get approved within 1 working day!

You can apply online first for an in-principle approval limit before selecting your equipment OR apply only after selecting your equipment.

Five Easy Steps

Group 177

Make Choice

Choose equipment from catalog

Group 178

Complete Application

Apply for approval via the online form

Group 179

Application Review

Credit background check and review

Group 180

Application Approval

Rental application approval

Group 181

Receive Equipment

Arrangement for delivery and installation of equipment.